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Possibilities and Pitfalls in Any School, U.S.A.

Possibilities and Pitfalls in Any School, U.S.A.

(p.267) Conclusion Possibilities and Pitfalls in Any School, U.S.A.
Academic Profiling
Gilda L. Ochoa
University of Minnesota Press

Beginning with a discussion of a program that was established at the school after my research, this chapter discusses what the high school teaches us about the detrimental impacts of the current state of U.S. schooling. In many ways, the high school under study is any-school USA. Just as it is premised on competition, individualism, and assimilation, it overlooks the significance of opportunity and social gaps and the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and resources that its students, their families, and the surrounding communities possess.

Keywords:   Latinas/os, Asian Americans, Educational Achievement Gap, Social and opportunity gaps, Neoliberalism and neoconservativism, Policing students, MEChA and Student activism, Curriculum Tracking

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