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“They Just Judge Us by Our Cover”

“They Just Judge Us by Our Cover”

Students’ Everyday Experiences with Race

(p.163) Chapter Five “They Just Judge Us by Our Cover”
Academic Profiling
Gilda L. Ochoa
University of Minnesota Press

The chapter focuses on the academic and social hierarchies at the school and students’ roles in perpetuating such hierarchies. Examples focus on how students of color are differently labeled “smart,” “stupid,” “sporty,” or “stupid” while White students are believed to be less identifiable. There are also examples of anti-immigrant posturing among some Asian Americans that is linked to larger assimilationist imperatives.

Keywords:   Latinas/os, Asian Americans, Educational Achievement Gap, Social and opportunity gaps, Neoliberalism and neoconservativism, Policing students, MEChA and Student activism, Curriculum Tracking

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