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“I’m Watching Your Group”

“I’m Watching Your Group”

Regulating Students Unequally

(p.109) Chapter Three “I’m Watching Your Group”
Academic Profiling
Gilda L. Ochoa
University of Minnesota Press

Students reveal unequal patterns of surveillance and regulation by race/ethnicity, class, gender, and academic track. While students in the school’s top classes describe having a free pass to move around campus, students outside of these courses, especially Latinas/os, encounter control and punishment. Asian Americans, on the other hand, express more academic restrictions where they are held to higher standards because of the racialized academic profiling that expects them to excel in their courses.

Keywords:   Latinas/os, Asian Americans, Educational Achievement Gap, Social and opportunity gaps, Neoliberalism and neoconservativism, Policing students, MEChA and Student activism, Curriculum Tracking

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