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Framing the “Gap”

Framing the “Gap”

Dominant Discourses of Achievement

(p.21) Chapter One Framing the “Gap”
Academic Profiling
Gilda L. Ochoa
University of Minnesota Press

Teachers and administrators explain the educational differences between students. Such explanations focus on biological and cultural arguments where Asian Americans are assumed to value schooling and hard work more than Latinas/os. Along with a discussion of the general silence regarding Whites, white privilege, and whiteness in general at the school, there is also consideration of how federal educational policies that emphasize performance on standardized tests influence school discourses and practices.

Keywords:   Latinas/os, Asian Americans, Educational Achievement Gap, Social and opportunity gaps, Neoliberalism and neoconservativism, Policing students, MEChA and Student activism, Curriculum Tracking

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