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Ontography Revealing the Rich Variety of Being

Ontography Revealing the Rich Variety of Being

(p.35) [2] Ontography Revealing the Rich Variety of Being
Alien Phenomenology, or What It's Like to Be a Thing
Ian Bogost
University of Minnesota Press

This chapter discusses ontography as a name for a general inscriptive strategy, one that uncovers the repleteness of units and their interobjectivity. From the viewpoint of metaphysics, ontography involves the revelation of object relationships without necessarily offering clarification or description of any kind. Ontography can take the form of a compendium, a record of things juxtaposed to demonstrate their overlap and imply interaction through collocation. The simple approach to such recording is the list. Ontography is an aesthetic set theory, in which a particular configuration is celebrated merely on the basis of its existence. A truly deliberate specimen of inventory ontography can be found in the Brazilian bossa nova. “Waters of March” does real ontological work.

Keywords:   ontography, object relationships, collocation, aesthetic set theory, Brazilian bossa nova, Waters of March

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